April Willingness Brings May Recovery, by Asher Levine

April wellness brings May recovery.I have been telling clients that “you can’t schedule crisis on a calendar,” when they call for the first time. But the first two weeks of April have been booked solid with seven referrals and a few more families still working on their plan to no longer support the addiction.

One family, I consulted with recently had contacted several interventionist before being referred to me. I happened to be in their city the next day and agreed to meet with them for an hour to offer guidance on how to get their loved one to be willing to go to the treatment program they had in place. In the meeting, I shared the importance of being genuine, honest, accurate and hopeful to get willingness from their child. At the end of the discussion, I empowered them to have a new conversation without the help of an interventionist using the format and message I had given them. We agreed that if that were unsuccessful, then I would come down the next weekend and support the family. When the mom was writing the check to pay for the consultation, I told her to write “hope” in the subject line.

Here is the text message I received the next day. ” Hi Asher, (blank) here. Our discussion with our son went great! All of your words about having a positive message helped. Our son agreed to go to The Augustine, and he is saying he’s grateful. His “willingness to go”, seems closer to “wants to go” so were thrilled and confident he’ll get there. Thanks again for your excellent help.”



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  1. A Dad April 19, 2016 at 6:52 pm - Reply

    We are bridges between one generation and another. We are here to provide support and continuity for those who came before us
    and for those who follow us in life. We serve in this role and capacity until it is our time to cross over that bridge. With each day,
    we build a future – good, bad or indifferent. We constantly build and rebuild self. Our only constant is change. Like it or not, we
    often become an example, good or bad of positive or negative on a very personal level. Our very existence seems to tell us that we
    are here to help; to serve a nation, a community, a family member, those in need. We fight off rationalization, indifference, technology
    addiction and escapism. Life is difficult. We must work to make it better. Success isn’t necessary. It is only necessary to try. Maybe
    we can help save another. And, in the process, perhaps we have saved ourselves. “I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen
    yesterday and I love today.” – William Allen White

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