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Often times when we think of drug and alcohol addiction we focus on the needs of the addict and the measures that must be taken to help them get healthy, happy and sober. When in reality, addiction is a family disease. The actions and behaviors of the addict can cause families to reach a breaking point where it begins to impact the stability of the home, puts a strain on how family members communicate with each other and significantly impacts their mental and physical health. There are many options including family therapy sessions and family coaching. Here are a list of quick links that will be helpful to you as well.

The addict themselves typically will come to such a low point in their lives where they are spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically bankrupt. 12 step meetings and fellowships are the most well known treatment for addicts and alcoholics. There are also spiritual approaches, retreats, meditations that can put your loved one back on the path to healing. Getting involved with the local churches and soup kitchens are amazing and fulfilling, healthy tools and activities. Peer Recovery coaching has a huge positive impact on the recovering addict. A big thing is to keep busy, look for jobs, volunteer in the community and get active again. Joining a gym or jumping in a softball league are just two ideas that can help you start to feel good and have fun in sobriety.

Here are a list of quick links that should help you find meetings in your area as well as staying involved in the fellowship, finding out where and when the conventions are, etc.

FAN – Families Against Narcotics
Hope Not Handcuffs

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